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Wedding Booking Terms and Conditions

1. A retainer fee of £350.00 is due on booking. The retainer is not refundable.  This with a completed booking form should be returned to IMMI as soon as possible.

2. A confirmation will be sent out, it is only when this is received by you that you should consider your wedding photography is booked, with all times and locations registered.

3. The balance of the package price will be payable four weeks before the wedding date; this enables your cheques to be cleared.  Cheques returned unpaid by the bank will be charged to your account.  Failure to make payment on time will be deemed that you do not require IMMI to attend your wedding and have cancelled this contract.  IMMI’s client shall be the bride and groom irrespective of who pays for the photographic services.  If you have selected the offer to pay your balance over instalments, an agreement will be signed before hand.

4. If cancellation is made for IMMI services within three months of the wedding date, the client will be liable for the full amount due under this agreement.  If cancellation is within 6 months of the wedding date 50% of the full balance will be payable. This will be refunded if the date is re-let. Any additional expenses incurred through the cancellation will be reclaimed.

5. It is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to notify IMMI of any changes in circumstances that may affect the wedding photography, in writing. Times of your rehearsal and reception details should also be communicated when known.

6. Every care and attention will be taken to obtain the photographs to a high standard. To obtain this it is always desirable for IMMI to have your fullest co-operation with all aspects of the work. IMMI understand that others are also involved in getting the best for you on your wedding day, from hairdressers to caterers. The weather is not controllable and it is this unforeseen interference’s that can affect the final pictures.

7. IMMI undertake to attend the Bride and Groom’s wedding day as per the agreed hours/package, with coverage limited only by any restrictions placed by the registrar or celebrant.  Extra hours thereafter are charged at £125.00 per hour.

8. IMMI cannot be held responsible for any errors arising from address details being wrong or missing from the Booking Form.

9. For weddings over 8 hours a hot meal must be provided for each attending photographer.

10. As the official photographer(s) IMMI reserve the rights to ask any other person taking photographs not to do so, if in our opinion that person will interfere with IMMI work, or may be using the pictures they take in composition with IMMI photography.  Only photographs taken by the official photographer should be used for publication in newspapers or magazines.

11. If any conditions arise which are interfering with proper photographing procedures, the photographer will make reasonable effort to proceed.  If such interference continues, then it is within the photographer’s discretion to cease work.

12. Limit of Liability: The client hereby indemnifies and holds the photographer harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses as a consequence of IMMI’s work.  IMMI does not guarantee any specific shot, but will, of course endeavour to capture any specific shots that you request.  IMMI will do their very best to capture any specific group shots that you specifically desire, if they are provided with a list before the wedding day.  The clients are advised to identify important family members to the photographers.  In the event the photographer fails to comply with the terms of this contract, for any reasons, the photographer’s liability is limited to refund of money paid.  The client waives any and all rights to any legal action against the photographer(s) who represent IMMI for such failure.

13. While all reasonable care will be taken to fulfil the wishes of the client, no financial responsibility over and above the sum of monies received by IMMI is an amount to be claimed against in the event of malfunction or theft of equipment, films, digital files,etc.

14. All albums not completed and agreed within 12 months of the wedding date will incur an administration fee of £250.00

15. The copyright of any photograph, negative or digital file remain the copyright of IMMI and may not be reproduced in any form including scanning, printing or photocopying without the prior written permission and agreement of IMMI.

16. A 50% deposit is required for any upgrades placed at the time of album order.

17. The client will be entitled to vary the package provided that the package is to the same value or greater.

18. Prices are fixed at current price list until 6 months after the wedding day. (Including family orders) Any orders placed after this time will go on current price list at the time of ordering unless there is a delay caused by the photographer.

19. All prices are VAT exclusive, but if IMMI become VAT registered between the time of signing the contract and picking up of goods, the client will be informed in writing, clearly outlining any additional amounts which are payable by the client.

20. The creative license and content of albums and/or photographs is left to the discretion of IMMI Charges may apply for changes made to the album. Digital effects that are not considered darkroom techniques (i.e. skin retouching, removal of items, etc) may be charged for.

21. IMMI is not responsible for goods not picked up beyond 6 months after completion.

22. IMMI reserve the right to use any photographic image taken by IMMI for the use of publicity, this may include images being used for display purposes, industry competitions, product advertising, and use within IMMI website and any other publicity that IMMI deem reasonable.