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Kent newborn photography by IMMI newborn photographers. Thanet, Kent has been the home of IMMI for over 10 years and we have shot hundreds of sessions for our satisfied customers. Please take the time to read the information about newborn photography and how we can create images for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Congratulations on your forth-coming bundle of joy, and thank you for your interest in IMMI’s Newborn Photography.

Our newborn imagery is all about your beautiful new baby’s tiny features, their petal soft skin, their fluffy hair, their tiny hands, their perfectly formed tiny little toes, and all that is new and amazing about them, is it any wonder why people ‘coo’ over new babies, they are so amazing and captivating.

These first days as a new family are monumental. IMMI are devoted to capturing beautiful images that will reflect how deeply in love you are with your new arrival. We believe these moments should never be missed nor simply all too easily forgotten

Our images will be admired by your family and friends and cherished for generations to come.

Our newborn sessions require both a photographer and and last anything from 2-3 hours. These sessions are a little longer than our ‘normal’ portrait sessions, but allows for cuddles, comforting, feeding, and a bit of ‘Mummy Magic’ so we can pose them in gorgeous adorable photographs.

Our newborn imagery really works at it’s best when baby is anything in-between 4-10 days old. Older babies tend not curl up as much or sleep as beautifully. Baby acne can also flare up around two weeks old as can baby colic.

If you would like a Newborn Photography session with IMMI, please contact us during your pregnancy. These photo shoots are incredibly popular, the earlier you contact us the higher the chance we can guarantee your place.

As a guide most of our Mum’s to-be like to book in 6 days after their Estimated Due Date, or course if your baby is early or late we may need to re-arrange and swap appointments.

If you are due imminently or your baby is already here, please contact us to check if we have any free appointments, this can happen, as newborn arrival times can be unpredictable.

IMMI offer a couple of alternatives for your newborn photo session, either a shoot at our snug home studio where we will have access to all of our hand picked props/sets or a completely personal and intimate photo shoot in the comfort of your own home.

Our session fee for Newborn’s is just £50.00 and includes the session time and £25.00 of credit towards your purchases.