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IMMI have been leading wedding photographers in Thanet, Kent for well over ten years now. We like to put that down to in part to ten percent skill and ninety percent preparation. The engagement shoot happens a few months before your wedding normally in the spring or autumn. IMMI take you for a stroll through the local countryside or a local beach and talk you through tips and tricks to make the whole being photographed on your big day a more enjoyable experience. We want your characters and your personalities to shine through and we will remove any fears or worries you may have about being photographed. So come the big day you are relaxed, looking forward to and will enjoy the whole experience.

If you are already a family, we encourage you to bring along the kids so the whole family can be photographed together. If you do bring along the kids we advise you to bring along someone to keep an eye on them whilst we have a chat, granny is always good.

This is a free service that will benefit you hugely on your big day and ensure your photos are of the highest quality.